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Trading commodity futures
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Security Placements
SP Futures is committed to providing a reliable investment environment and excellent customer experience.
SP Futures is committed to providing a reliable investment environment and excellent customer experience.
Our trading platform enables you to invest worldwide promptly. SP futures is professional and highly experienced in serving our clients.
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Security Placements Futures offers a variety of products for trading, including but not limited to underlying products based on FX, Energy, Agricultural, Equity Index and Metals. You can choose your own portfolio based on your investment preferences and capital ratio. At the same time, we are constantly adding new products to meet the different needs of our investors.

Our customer service team is a friendly and energetic team and we are committed to serve every customer with our professionalism and our dedication to this industry. We aim to solve customers’ problems promptly, and to collect and analyse their feedback to then improve our services. We offer 5/24 multilingual online services, ensuring that the customers will enjoy our high-quality services in different languages.
SP Futures
SP Futures provides the GQC platform that allows our customers to trade. We offer trading by entering into market with our customers. Under that we and our customers agree to pay each other the difference arising from movements in the value of an underlying product (for example a commodity). If you correctly anticipate changes in the market you will make a profit (or a loss if you do not). You enter into tradings with us on our platform by confirming the type and value you would like to enter into and by providing us with funds (a "margin”) to start trading.

Our products allow you to leverage your positions to take a much greater exposure to the price of an underlying product, in comparison to buying or selling the underlying product directly. This means that you can significantly increase your potential profits (but also losses).

Our quotes are made by direct reference to the price or value of the underlying asset on the relevant exchange with an additional spread applied by SP Futures to the price or value of the products. The value of the spread will be determined by SP Futures and is kept by SP Futures as a fee.